About ThruFlow™ Inc.


ThruFlow™ Inc. is an offshoot of an automotive component manufacturer located in Wallaceburg, ON, Canada. The first ThruFlow™ panel was developed in 1991 and has since made its transition to one of the best grated polymer decking panels on the market today.

ThruFlow™ houses a small staff, but manages to cover a lot of ground with dealer networks throughout North America and across the world.

ThruFlow™ continues to seek new technologies and advancements to keep its competitive edge over the competition. ThruFlow™’s commitment to delivering the best decking panels is instilled throughout the company through sales, service and building successful relationships. PATENT NO. 7,500,336

Otto Kjeldsen

Otto Kjeldsen


The guiding force and entrepreneurial spirit behind the business, Otto is the reason ThruFlow™ is here today, having built the company from the ground up. ThruFlow™ now has manufacturing locations and offices around the world. In his spare time Otto likes to travel with his wife to their second home in Las Vegas where they are active cyclists.