Not totally sold on why ThruFlow™ is the best decking for your dock, deck or walkway?

Hear what many satisfied customers have to say about their ThruFlow™ experience:

I think it’s time to give you all the latest update on your ThruFlow™ product. Folks you have a fantastic product and I am proud as a peacock to experiment this at our Beach. Yes we are working on three years since I installed these two decking sections [6′ W x 5′ L] on both sides of the dune on our Boardwalk. There is NO mould or mildew whatsoever on any piece of ThruFlow™. The non-skid is STILL 100% which is UNBELIEVABLE!! The ultraviolet rays have not compromised your product at all. (i.e. no spider/stress cracks or no other visible signs of fatigue) People, I have even jumped up and down on the decking and it don’t even squeak. I love this stuff!! Anyway, this is truly a great product!”

– Mark H.
Canaveral National Seashore in Florida

“Dave & I just received our ramp pieces and fasteners today, just like you said. It was delivered to our back door, wrapped well in plastic and the box stayed dry even in the rain. We were so excited, it was like Christmas. Thank you for a great product and superb service, we’ll spread the word. Sincerely, Dave& Jo-Ann”

– Dave & Jo-ann
Saint John, New Brunswick

“The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is located on the Miles River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay, in Saint Michaels, Maryland. The 18 Acre campus was established in 1965 on the site of a former caning company. The main campus water front was typical timber bulkhead and pilings, with numerous slips for boats to off load their catch to the caning company. In 2007 in an effort to return some of the shore line to its original conditions, the museum decided to install a living shore line. This restoration work was coordinated and constructed by Environmental Concern of Saint Michaels, a leader in the Maryland area for shore line restoration work. The system design and engineering documentation was submitted and approved by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the governing body for all shore line construction. Environmental Concern was required to establish the shore line, but still maintain pedestrian access to the numerous boating slips and exhibits. Thru Flow decking was selected, in order to allow natural sunlight to penetrate the deck surface and allow the thousands of plantings to thrive in their new environment. The decking not only allowed the plants to grow, but has proven to be a maintenance free surface that the museum does not have to service. Boaters and nature have benefited with the new deck surface, plants are growing, marine life has returned to the area, visitors and boaters, have complete access as well. We have received numerous compliments on how the system works to benefit nature, and with the return of marine life we have added a new dimension to our exhibits a true “Living Shoreline”. We highly recommend Thru Flow decking and dock systems for applications where Nature and the Environment can work in harmony while still maintaining safe access for boaters and visitors to our waterfront campus.”

– William Gilmore
Saint Michaels, Maryland

“The 225 foot dock at our home in Aurora, NC was improved in 2007 with ThruFlow™ deck material. Our neighbors each had either a wooden plank dock 4 feet off the water or concrete pallets that were set just 12 inches off the water. Both claimed never to have suffered damage due to a strong storm, and it had been years since a hurricane hit this part of NC – until the 2011 arrival of Hurricane Irene. The 9 foot storm surge and tide produced a water level unseen in over 100 years in the area. Houses that never flooded were inundated. The town of Aurora, at an elevation of 6 feet above mean sea level, had 4 feet of water in the center of town. Our house had water up to the foundation – a level NEVER experienced. You can see the water in the one photo just under the roof of the boat house, which is at least 9 feet about mean sea level, meaning that the dock was under 6 or more feet of water. The winds were clocked at a steady 75 mph, toppling trees by the score. Yet, the combination of high water and high wind had NO effect on our Thru Flow dock. Our neighbors? The wooden plank dock not only had its planks washed away but there was structural damage to the pilings. The concrete dock lost several of its pallets and now has a little tilt to it. Our dock lost no panels, no screws were loosened and no pilings were disturbed. Putting ThruFlow™ dock panels on our dock was the smartest move we EVER made.”

– Henry L.
North Carolina

“I must say that working with the ThruFlow™ product was very easy and it all went together very quickly. I was impressed with the strength of the sections and how effective the surface area was in preventing slipping. This was especially noted on the gangway when the tide was low and the float was down quite an angle from the dock. It sure gave me complete confidence about my safety. I would highly recommend ThruFlow™ for any marine application.”

– Bud (Adrian) Denno