Jul, 2014

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Located in Ontario, CanadaDocks™ is all about helping their customers enjoy a work-free, stress-free season at the cottage. As Cindy Belanger, CanadaDocks™ Sales Manager says, the docks of the past consisted of heavy steel beams or rotting, water logged wood, so there was room in the market for a lightweight, affordable alternative.

“We love being able to provide a product that has taken the worry and stress from our clients about the installation and removal process of their dock,” shares Belanger. “CanadaDocks™ provides a lightweight, maintenance-free, aluminum dock product that lets customers enjoy the cottage and sitting out on the water instead of working on the dock!”

A ThruFlow™ dock manufacturer since 2009, the partnership was a perfect match with both products boasting maintenance-free, lightweight attributes and locally manufactured in Ontario. CanadaDocks™ sells a complete kit consisting of individually boxed sections, easily assembled and linked together to form any configuration. Available in both stationary and floating sections, CanadaDocks™ strives to always give the customer exactly what they want.

“We provide high quality products that will give our customers years of pleasure and peace of mind,” says Belanger. “About 90% of CanadaDocks™ are sold with ThruFlow™ decking and it is our complete kit that is so attractive. We back our product 100% at CanadaDocks™ and have never had a dock returned since opening our doors.”

Not in Ontario? Not a problem, CanadaDocks™ has a Canada-wide network of dealers available reaching from coast-to-coast and will soon be expanding into the US. The manufacturing facility for CanadaDocks™ and their other well-known line, RailingArt™, is nestled on the townline between Alliston and Beeton, ON. There is an extensive demo display of docks outside for local customers to view, surrounded by a one-of-a-kind Tuscany themed RailingArt™ fence.

“The aluminum docks are our most popular product, but the RailingArt™ is so personal and unique that when customers come into the show room they are always taken aback on the whole concept of creating something so unique,” explains Belanger. “Our customers are ecstatic when they finally see the finished product and even more so once company comes over and the wow factor hits them!”

Contact CanadaDocks™ to get a quote for your dock today! Take this opportunity to make life easier by owning a maintenance free, corrosion resistant, lightweight aluminum dock with ThruFlow’s™ grated, non-slip decking. As Belanger says, the magic word is ‘Maintenance-Free,’ that’s what customers want to hear about a dock. There is no staining, power washing or fixing broken dock boards.

“With CanadaDocks™ there are no worries!” 




3690 Adjala Tecumseth Townline, R.R. #2
Beeton, ON  L0G 1A0
Phone: 1-877-434-0359
E-mail: info@canadadocks.ca
Web: www.canadadocks.ca