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Southern Pine Lumber is well-known across Florida as the leading supplier to the marine and outdoor construction industry. SPL (Southern Pine Lumber) is not your typical lumber store; all of their products are geared specifically towards the marine industry whether it is ThruFlow™ Marine Decking or vinyl sheet pile.

SPL now boasts seven locations clear across Florida! SPL’s vast inventory capacity and buying power in the state means always having items in stock, and that translates into value for marine contractors.

As owner and manager, Rick Kozell, says “What makes us stand out is our exceptional volume of product. We are a full service marine and outdoor construction supply company and we offer the highest quality of product; we offer the highest level of service. We put quality and service ahead of price.”

Since 2000, ThruFlow™ has been partnering with SPL to service Florida and the Southeast US. ThruFlow™ decking is right in line with SPL’s goal to provide the best and meets requirements for use in environmentally sensitive areas. Protecting Florida’s sensitive coastal sea grasses and marine life is a primary concern of permitting and environmental protection regulators. ThruFlow™’s grated decking panel with 43% open area was the first choice and has been approved by the Army Corps Engineers.


“Coastal is unique from what you do on inland lakes and it has become a market that ThruFlow™ has added to over the years. ThruFlow™ now has a prominent place in that coastal market. ThruFlow™ was a grating that we were able to utilize for our sea grass issue that we have with docks,” explains Kozell. “We liked the structural qualities of the decking, it’s aesthetically pleasing and easy to work with. The availability was super, essentially, it was a marriage made in heaven!”

Founded in 1985, SPL is the oldest company in the state servicing the marine and outdoor construction industry. The original location is in Stuart, Florida and when Kozell joined the partnership in 1987 he added an additional location in Boynton Beach, Florida. As locations were added, SPL’s product line continued to grow as well until today SPL has established a reputation as being a one-stop-shop for any and every product needed in the marine construction industry.

“I wake up every day looking forward to going to work,” shares Kozell. “Having built the company from the second location on, I have a great sense of satisfaction. We are not your typical lumber company. All of our products are niche products to the marine industry and can be found within our four walls. Whether it is a marina, a deck, a dock or a pier – Southern Pine Lumber is probably involved!”

Kayak Lift

ThruFlow™ has done exceptionally well in Florida and Kozell attributes that success to repeat customers. As their primary customer base is contractors, there is always a new project that ThruFlow™ can be involved in. Another advantage of ThruFlow™’s grated feature and strength is that in coastal areas prone to tropical storms and hurricanes, ThruFlow™ has survived the storm over and over again. The grating allows storm surge to go right through the decking, which minimizes the lifting effect that waves have on docks.

“Most people that use it don’t use it just once,” says Kozell. “They use, they love it and they have another application and they use it again. That’s the success story!”

Call 1-800-322-1500 today or visit a location near you to get ThruFlow™ decking for your marine application! SPL has friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand to answer all of your questions.


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About ThruFlow™

The first ThruFlow™ panel was developed in Canada in 1991 and has since made its transition to one of the best grated polymer decking panels on the market today.

ThruFlow™ is headquartered in small-town Ontario, but manages a  worldwide dealer and dock manufacturer network.

The ThruFlow™ panel was designed and built specifically for use in the marine industry and can be used anywhere from coastal towns and cities to inland rivers and lakes. We are especially proud of our grated design that allows for maximum light penetration, as well as, our UV protected coating, which has made ThruFlow™ a resounding success in the tough Florida marine environment and other environmentally sensitive areas around the globe.