Aluminum Decking Charleston


Apr, 2017

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ThruFlow™ has become the preferred Aluminum decking alternative of deck builders and contractors in Charleston who are searching for a versatile and long lasting Aluminum decking replacement for their decks, docks and piers. ThruFlow™ provides the ideal Aluminum decking replacement due to it’s economical pricing, durability, and it’s large variety of colors and sizes.

ThruFlow™ Remains Cool, Unlike Aluminum Decking

ThruFlow™ remains significantly superior to Aluminum decking as it is fresh and salt water resistant, completely preventing the typical corrosion found with the installation of Aluminum decking. ThruFlow™ also keeps your deck feeling cool to the touch and looking bright and clean even in the worst Charleston weather, as ThruFlow™ provides complete UV resistance.

Forward thinking Aluminum decking alternative

ThruFlow™ has risen to be the finest Aluminum decking alternative in Charleston. ThruFlow™ offers deck builders in Charleston an ease of assembly and a non-slip surface that has made a strong impact. ThruFlow™ helps eliminate issues that come from Aluminum decking materials and remains the ideal solution to replacing old fashioned wood or Aluminum decking.

ThruFlow™ has been designed to be completely maintenance free, removing any burden of Aluminum decking replacement, helping you save time, energy and money. ThruFlow™ Aluminum decking alternative also lessens the lifting effect from waves and storm surge, making ThruFlow™ the perfect choice for environmentally friendly areas.

ThruFlow™ provides a non microbial surface that, unlike Aluminum decking, does not promote leaching, mildew, rot or insect growth, while never needing pre-treatment, allowing you to enjoy an especially safe decking experience. We’ve witnessed the fact that ThruFlow™ offers a longer life span than traditional Aluminum decking.

ThruFlow™ Decking Online Orders

The friendly ThruFlow™ staff are waiting to provide you with superior support and service and are ready to ship your decking materials to Charleston promptly and efficiently. We also keep our Aluminum free decking material protected by a 12 year warranty against manufacturers defects.