Aluminum Dock Charleston


Apr, 2017

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ThruFlow™ is accessible to contractors and dock builders in Charleston who have been looking for an Aluminum dock alternative. ThruFlow™ dock materials are a high performance solution over Aluminum docks and work for surfacing walkways, decks, marinas, piers, docks and more. ThruFlow™ gives you an updated choice over Aluminum dock products and remains light weight, durable and affordable.

Stay cool with your Aluminum dock alternative

With a forward-thinking design, ThruFlow™ remains far superior to Aluminum docks. ThruFlow™ built docks are fresh and saltwater resistant, completely bypassing the corrosion found with Aluminum docks. ThruFlow™ is UV resistant, ensuring your dock stays cool to the touch under the hot sun and remains bright and clean through the harshest weather conditions.

A New Replacement to Aluminum Docks

With a wide range of available colors and sizes and a maintenance free design, ThruFlow™ has quickly grown to be the number one Aluminum dock solution in Charleston. ThruFlow™ decking material provides a non-slip surface and it’s ease of assembly has caught the attention of dock builders in Charleston who want an alternative to Aluminum based docks. Dock builders are quickly flocking to ThruFlow™, as ThruFlow™ dock materials completely bypass the high maintenance issues experienced with Aluminum docks when corrosion occurs, helping save cost, energy and time.

ThruFlow™ is the maintenance free choice for regions that are environmentally conscious by decreasing the lifting effect from waves and storm surge, making ThruFlow™ the perfect selection.

Unlike Aluminum docks, ThruFlow™ provides a non microbial surface, as ThruFlow™ docks are built to avoid rot, leaching, mildew and insect growth. Your ThruFlow™ dock will never require pre-treatment, finally an upkeep free dock that can be safely enjoyed. ThruFlow™ dock materials offer the best solution to Aluminum docks that are found within the market today.

ThruFlow™ Dock Materials for Online Purchase

ThruFlow™ provides the ultimate in service and support and the ThruFlow™ team ensures that your dock materials are quickly shipped to your Charleston location. ThruFlow™ provides you with peace of mind, as we back all of our Aluminum free dock materials with a 12 year warranty against defects.