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May, 2017

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ThruFlow™ deck flooring is easily accessible for delivery to Charleston and provides the ideal flooring for your decking project. ThruFlow™ deck flooring is the perfect solution for contractors and deck builders in Charleston who require an upkeep free deck flooring that remains durable and long lasting. ThruFlow™ deck flooring is the versatile and updated option, available in a large selection of colors and sizes.

Easy Flooring for your Walkway, Dock or Deck

ThruFlow™ has succeeded in becoming the leading deck flooring supplier in Charleston. ThruFlow™’s unique non-skid design and straightforward assembly has caught the attention of deck builders in Charleston who recognize ThruFlow™ deck flooring as the updated replacement to outdated and costly Aluminum or wood decking. ThruFlow™ deck flooring requires absolutely no maintenance, as it is completely waterproof and it never requires staining, saving you from expensive repairs.

Reliable Flooring for your Deck

ThruFlow™ deck flooring improves your installation project by providing a deck flooring that never needs pre-treatment and is non microbial, completely avoiding insect growth, mildew, leaching and rot.

Reliable Deck Flooring

Keep your deck flooring protected from the elements with ThruFlow™, as it is salt and fresh water resistant and provides complete UV resistance. ThruFlow™ deck flooring also remains cool to the touch under the hot Charleston sun.

ThruFlow™ deck flooring helps to decrease the lifting effect from storm surge and waves, allowing ThruFlow™ deck flooring to keep your local environment safe.

Search ThruFlow™ Deck Flooring Online

With ThruFlow™ you get a superior customer service experience and the ThruFlow™ dispatch team are ready to ensure promptly delivery of your deck flooring to Charleston. All ThruFlow™ deck flooring is protected by a lengthy 12 year warranty against defects. Choose ThruFlow™ deck flooring as your definitive solution to your deck installation project.