Deck Flooring Ontario


May, 2017

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ThruFlow™ is the perfect deck flooring solution for Ontario based contractors and deck builders alike, offering maintenance free flooring for your deck with versatility and durability that can’t be beat. ThruFlow™ deck flooring materials give you a modern design which is affordable, and is available for purchase in a variety of sizes and colours.

Non-Slip Flooring for your Deck, Dock or Walkway

With a non-skid surface and complete water resistance, it’s easy to see how ThruFlow™ deck flooring has risen to be the number one deck flooring supplier in Ontario. ThruFlow™ deck flooring has made a great impact on deck builders in Ontario who value a deck floor which does not break down over time as found with wooden or Aluminum decking materials. As ThruFlow™ deck flooring requires no maintenance and never needs to be re-stained, ThruFlow™ deck flooring helps you avoid all maintenance costs.

Non-Microbial Flooring for your Deck

ThruFlow™ deck flooring is a non microbial product that repels rot, leaching, insect growth and mildew while requiring no pre-treatment, keeping your deck flooring replacement installation simple and safe.

Protected Deck Flooring

Providing complete UV and water resistance, ThruFlow™ keeps the surface of your deck looking fresh, during any extreme weather found in Ontario, while keeping your deck flooring surface cool to the touch in direct sunlight.

ThruFlow™’s innovative deck flooring design minimizes the lifting effect from waves, ensuring ThruFlow™ deck flooring remains the perfect choice for eco friendly areas.

Discover ThruFlow™ Deck Flooring Online

With ThruFlow™ you get nothing but the best in customer support and the ThruFlow™ team are ready to promptly ship your deck flooring to Ontario and beyond. All ThruFlow™ deck flooring is covered by an extended 12 year warranty against defects. ThruFlow™ deck flooring is the absolute ideal solution for the installation of a durable deck.