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Jan, 2018

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ThruFlow™ is the top decking material choice for deck builders and contractors in Maryland who require a durable yet affordable decking material. ThruFlow™ decking material offers unparalleled strength and is perfect for any project, such as decks, docks, marinas, piers, walkway projects, and more.

Non-Skid Grated Decking Material

ThruFlow™ has risen to become the number one grated decking material provider in Maryland as ThruFlow™’s advanced design provides a simple assembly and non-slip surface that has caught the attention of deck builders in Maryland who value the maintenance free nature of ThruFlow™ decking material. As the perfect alternative to old fashioned Aluminum or wood decking material, ThruFlow™ decking material remains 100% maintenance free.

Decking Material For Your Environment

If you are searching for a safe decking material, ThruFlow™ provides a non-microbial surface that never requires pre-treatment and prevents rot, insect growth, leaching, and mildew.

Advanced Decking Material

No matter the weather conditions in Maryland, ThruFlow™, decking material looks bright and clean, as it is salt and freshwater resistant. ThruFlow™ decking material also provides complete UV resistance, keeping cool even under the hot sun.

ThruFlow™ decking material is ideal for environmentally sensitive areas and remains maintenance free, as ThruFlow™ has an open decking design which limits the lifting effect from waves and storm surge.

Conveniently Order ThruFlow™ Decking Materials Online

Providing only the best in service and support, the ThruFlow™ team are on hand, ready to dispatch your decking materials to Maryland and beyond. All ThruFlow™ decking materials come backed by a 12 year warranty against manufacturer defects, ensuring ThruFlow™ is your ideal decking solution.