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Jun, 2017

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ThruFlow™ dock boards and materials have been assembled with Carolina dock builders in mind who are seeking high quality dock boards and materials. ThruFlow™ dock boards offer durability and versatility without hurting your bottom line, and offer timely shipping options to Carolina. ThruFlow™ dock boards and materials are available in a wide range of sizes and colors, helping you fit your style.

ThruFlow™’s non-skid dock boards give you a maintenance free surface that will never require refinishing, unlike outdated wood or Aluminum decking materials.

Non-Leaching Dock Boards

Contractors in Carolina value the fact that ThruFlow™ dock boards provide a straightforward installation and prevent rot, requiring no dock board or material

Long Lasting Dock Boards for Carolina

ThruFlow™ dock boards remain protected as they are both waterproof and UV resistant, meaning your dock boards will look new no matter the season.

ThruFlow™ dock boards remain cool while helping reduce damage from storm surge and waves thanks to ThruFlow™’s advanced open design.

ThruFlow™ Dock Boards Found Online

We provide customers in Carolina who are searching for premium dock boards and materials with prompt shipping and affordably priced dock boards and materials. All of our dock boards come equipped with a twelve year warranty, ensuring ThruFlow™ dock boards and materials are the definitive answer for customers in Carolina who want dock boards and materials they can rely on.