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Mar, 2018

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Contractors and dock builders in the Connecticut area always choosing ThruFlow™ dock supplies first, as ThruFlow™ provides dock supplies that are build to last, able to withstand the most powerful storms. ThruFlow™ dock supplies not only provide unparalleled durability, they are also versatile and are ideal for a variety of applications. Your ThruFlow™ dock supplies are affordable and available in many colors and sizes.

An Advanced Reputation!

As the top choice of dock builders in Connecticut, ThruFlow™ dock supplies are the ideal choice to replace your old fashioned Aluminum or wood docks. ThruFlow™ dock supplies are quickly becoming number one in Connecticut, thanks to ThruFlow™’s easy assembly and secure non-slip platform. With ThruFlow™ dock supplies, you never have to worry about expensive maintenance or damage from storm surge, as ThruFlow™ dock supplies provide a waterproof and upkeep free design to help keep your dock well protected through any weather.

Trouble Free Dock Supplies

Enjoy a stress free dock installation with ThruFlow™, providing dock supplies that don’t need to be pre-treated and are non microbial, preventing the formation of rot, mildew, insect growth, and leaching.

Well Prepared Dock Supplies

With an innovative design, allowing water to pass through the grated surface, ThruFlow™ dock supplies have the ability to last longer than other docks through any Connecticut weather. With ThruFlow™ dock supplies, you no longer need to worry about the damaging effect of waves and storm surge, as ThruFlow™ shields your dock. Enjoy dock supplies that look clean and new all year long, as ThruFlow™ dock supplies provide complete UV and water resistance.

Locate Your ThruFlow™ Dock Supplies Online

Let the ThruFlow™ team assist you with your dock supply purchase, as they ensure your dock supplies are quickly shipped to your Connecticut address. ThruFlow™ dock supplies are also protected, as they come with a 12 year warranty against defects. Let ThruFlow™ dock supplies be the long lasting and maintenance free solution to your dock installation.