Maintenance Free Decking Chesapeake Bay


Jun, 2017

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Give your decking installation the added benefit of ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking materials. ThruFlow™ gives you access to maintenance free decking materials that are far superior than wooden or Aluminum decking materials. Enjoy your maintenance free decking today.

Reliable Surfacing

Choose ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking material, the first choice for deck builders in Chesapeake Bay who are searching for a secure non-slip surface that remains easy to install and can be found within Chesapeake Bay.

Due to it’s maintenance free nature, ThruFlow™ decking can save you time, money, and energy during your decking replacement. ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking is also designed to withstand pressure from waves and storm surge.

The Maintenance Free Decking Selection

ThruFlow™ decking panels are optimal for both saltwater and freshwater, giving you a decking solution to enjoy anywhere in Chesapeake Bay. ThruFlow™ maintenance free deck boards are also UV resistant, built to withstand Chesapeake Bay weather.

ThruFlow™ decking is produced using non microbial components that don’t require pre-treatment, effectively prohibiting insect growth, leaching and rot.

Discover Maintenance Free Decking Online

ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking materials give you confidence, as all ThruFlow™ decking material is covered by a 12 year warranty. The ThruFlow™ staff are on hand to ensure prompt delivery of your decking products directly to you at your Chesapeake Bay address.