Maintenance Free Decking Florida Keys


Mar, 2018

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ThruFlow™ provides maintenance free decking materials that give your decking project in the Florida Keys unparalleled strength and durability. Choose the ideal alternative to outdated and high maintenance Aluminum and wooden decking materials, as ThruFlow™ offers maintenance free decking that you can rely on.

Secure Non-Slip Decking

ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking materials offer a secure non-slip surface and easy assembly, allowing ThruFlow™ to become the top choice of deck builders in the Florida Keys who desire maintenance free decking.

ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking saves you time, energy, and cost when completing your decking replacement. ThruFlow™ is designed to protect your deck or dock from the pressure of waves and storm surge thanks to a unique grated design.

Your Maintenance Free Decking Choice

ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking is both salt and freshwater resistant and offers complete UV resistance, giving you a maintenance free decking solution that is able to handle any weather in the Florida Keys.

ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking is built from non microbial materials, ensuring there is no leaching, rot, or insect growth while requiring absolutely no-pretreatment.

Ordering Maintenance Free Decking With Ease

ThruFlow™ provides fast shipping to the Florida Keys, and ensures your maintenance free decking will be shipped directly to your location. We stand behind our product, as ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking is protected with a twelve year warranty against defects, keeping you protected.