Marina Decking Carolina


Jun, 2017

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ThruFlow™ is the top marina decking choice in Carolina, chosen by contractors and marina builders because ThruFlow™ marina decking is affordable and maintenance free.

Secure Grated Marina Decking

ThruFlow™ is the leading marina decking provider in Carolina thanks to ThruFlow™’s secure surface and ease of assembly. Deck builders in Carolina recognize ThruFlow™ marina decking as the ideal alternative to traditional wood or Aluminum decking. ThruFlow™ marina decking remains completely maintenance free, giving you freedom from having to re-stain your marina decking. The installation of ThruFlow™ marina decking will preserve your time, energy and budget.

UV Resistant Marina Decking

ThruFlow™ provides marina decking that keeps cool to the touch under the hot summer sun thanks to ThruFlow™’s UV resistance and remains protected from any weather condition found in Carolina, as ThruFlow™ marina decking is salt and freshwater resistant.

ThruFlow™ marina decking has an advanced design that limits damage from storm surge and waves, keeping your marina decking protected even in the most turbulent waters.

Keep your marina decking protected with ThruFlow™, the only marina decking that actively repels rot and mildew while needing no pre-treatment or staining.

Purchase Your Marina Decking Panels

Our ThruFlow™ marina decking specialists are on hand to ensure your marina decking is promptly dispatched to your location in Carolina. Choose your ideal marina decking, as ThruFlow™ marina decking is available is many sizes and colors, ensuring you find the perfect fit. ThruFlow™ marina decking materials come protected with a long lasting twelve year warranty, covering your marina decking purchase from manufacturer defects and more.