Marina Decking Maryland


Apr, 2018

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ThruFlow™ is the ideal marina decking material for Maryland, giving marina builders and contractors access to advanced and affordable marina decking.

Maintenance Free Marina Decking

ThruFlow™ marina decking provides contractors in Maryland with an advanced marina surface. As the top supplier of marina decking in Maryland, ThruFlow™’s non-slip surface and ease of assembly provides the ideal alternative to outdated wood or Aluminum decking. ThruFlow™ marina decking is affordable and maintenance free, removing the burden of having to constantly re-stain your deck or dock, allowing you to conserve time, energy, and budget.

Premium Marina Decking

Ensure your marina decking remains bright and clean through any Maryland weather with ThruFlow™, offering marina decking that is fresh and saltwater resistant while providing UV resistance, keeping cool underfoot under the hot summer sun.

ThruFlow™ ensures your marina decking is protected, as ThruFlow™ marina decking is designed to minimize the lifting effect of waves and storm surge.

ThruFlow™ marina decking avoids traditional decking issues such as rot and mildew, and is able to be installed quickly, as it never requires pre-treatment.

Purchase Marina Decking Online

ThruFlow™ marina decking is available in a large variety of colors and sizes, and the ThruFlow™ marina decking team are ready to assist you with your purchase, promptly dispatching your marina decking products to you in Maryland. With ThruFlow™, you get peace of mind, as all marina decking products are protected by a twelve year warranty against defects.