Marine Flooring Charleston


May, 2017

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Available for delivery without delay, ThruFlow™ provides the leading marine flooring solution for Charleston. Our marine flooring materials are produced for marine builders and contractors who request an upkeep free marine flooring in Charleston that maintains its strength through a variety of applications. ThruFlow™ provides a well designed marine flooring, blending durability and affordability together, giving you a wide range of marine flooring options to choose from.

Reliable Marine Flooring Materials

With ThruFlow™, Charleston’s leading marine flooring supplier, you can say goodbye to traditional marine flooring maintenance, including time consuming re-staining. ThruFlow™ marine flooring provides a safe and secure non-slip surface and an ease of assembly that has grabbed the attention of marine builders in Charleston who view ThruFlow™ marine flooring as the absolute best alternative to old fashioned Aluminum or wood marine flooring.

Ecological Marine Flooring

With ThruFlow™ marine flooring, you get a safe and secure non microbial surface that is environmentally friendly. ThruFlow™ marine flooring materials are built for longevity, avoiding rot, leaching, mildew and insect growth while never needing pre-treatment. Enjoy your maintenance free marine flooring installation this year.

Upkeep Free Marine Boards

ThruFlow™ provides salt and freshwater resistance, while remaining completely UV resistant, keeping your marine flooring fresh through any Charleston weather. ThruFlow™ marine flooring also ensures your comfort, staying cool under the hot sun.

ThruFlow™ marine flooring reduces the threat of tearing from storm surge and waves, ensuring ThruFlow™ marine flooring is the upkeep free option for you.

Secure Your ThruFlow™ Marine Flooring Products

Enjoy the premium customer service offered by the ThruFlow™ staff, who always ensure your marine flooring is promptly dispatched. Your marine flooring purchase is automatically covered by our full 12 year warranty. ThruFlow™ is the first choice for those who want to upgrade to premium marine flooring.