Marine Flooring Muskoka


May, 2017

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Choose ThruFlow™ for an innovative marine flooring solution that is available for delivery to Muskoka. ThruFlow™ marine flooring was designed for contractors and marine builders in Muskoka who need a maintenance free marine flooring that provides longevity for a variety of projects. ThruFlow™ marine flooring products are advanced, combining durability with affordability, while giving you a wide selection of available sizes and colours.

Leading Marine Flooring Materials

Say goodbye to traditional marine flooring upkeep with ThruFlow™, the leading marine flooring provider in Muskoka. ThruFlow™ marine flooring offers an especially safe non-skid platform and easy assembly, quickly catching the attention of marine builders in Muskoka who acknowledge ThruFlow™ as the ideal alternative to outdated Aluminum or wood marine flooring, as ThruFlow™ marine flooring will never require staining or maintenance.

Long Lasting Marine Flooring

ThruFlow™ provides you with a maintenance free and environmentally friendly marine flooring that is non-microbial. Our well constructed marine flooring is protected from rot, leaching, insect growth and even mildew, no pre-treatment necessary. You finally get to enjoy a safe and simple marine flooring installation.

Maintenance Free Marine Boards

ThruFlow™ keeps your marine flooring looking fresh and clean, as it is water and UV resistant, protecting your marine flooring through all Muskoka weather. ThruFlow™ marine flooring even keeps you comfortable by staying cool to the touch in the summer sun.

ThruFlow™ marine flooring prevents tearing from waves and storm surge, completely avoiding expensive maintenance, making ThruFlow™ marine flooring your first choice.

Learn About ThruFlow™ Marine Flooring Products

With ThruFlow™, your needs always come first, and your marine flooring will be shipped promptly and efficiently. Your brand new marine flooring is protected by a 12 year warranty immediately upon purchase. ThruFlow™ gives you the first-class solution to replacing your flooring with a high-end marine flooring.