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Dear Valued Partners,

We have learned through some recent interactions with end users inquiring about potential warranty claims on our panels, that there is an ongoing issue with improper stair installation.   This has DSC07398led to some situations that have placed the end user in precarious and sometimes dangerous situations as they have used their docks, decks and patios this summer.

We would urge you to consider as you manufacture and/or install stair components to the various applications our panels can be used for, that the panel installation and underlying support is consistent with the guidelines we have set forth with our installation instruction pamphlet and training that has been provided.  If you would like additional hands on instructional training, or if we have been remiss in providing it to you, please contact our head office at 1-888-478-3569, we’ll happily arrange this at your convenience.

Please find attached a copy of our installation sheet and a supplement to that, to help further clarify the correct manner of installation of ThruFlow premium decking panels.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out via phone or email.