IMG_0266Fully ADA Compliant Grated Decking

Southern Pine Lumber is the leading supplier of ThruFlow™ in Florida with 7 locations spread across the state. ThruFlow™ has been approved for use in the state by the Army Corps Engineers. The grated design makes it ideal for the Southeastern US with their sensitive eco-system and surrounding oceans.

ThruFlow™ is the safest, most durable, finished decking system for your dock! ThruFlow™ helps you lower the environmental footprint of your marine project beautifully and safely. In addition to being an industry leader as an environmentally sustainable product, ThruFlow™ has also built a name for itself as ‘Hurricane Proof’. Wave or hydraulic uplift during storm activity can damage your dock or pier, leaving you with costly repairs and no dock to enjoy. Survive the storm with ThruFlow™.

The ThruFlow™ interlocking decking system is lightweight and made for an easy installation process. Complete fresh and saltwater tolerance and UV resistant panels allow for long-lasting color on ThruFlow docks and piers. ThruFlow fits your maintenance free lifestyle!


  • 360° Non-Slip Surface 
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No Maintenance
  • Durable
  • Attractive
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