Aluminum Decking Alternative for New England

Aluminum Decking Alternative for New England

ThruFlow™ gives contractors and deck builders in New England the perfect Aluminum decking alternative, offering unparalleled strength and versatility for decks, piers, docks, marinas, walkway projects and more. ThruFlow™ makes an exceptional substitute for Aluminum decking material because it provides a durable and affordable solution for New England that’s available in a range of sizes and colors.

ThruFlow™ Keeps Cool, Unlike Aluminum Decking

ThruFlow™ is the preferred Aluminum decking replacement in New England, as ThruFlow™ provides complete UV resistance, keeping your deck looking bright and clean through any weather, while remaining cool to the touch in the hot New England sun. ThruFlow™ is also completely water resistant, meaning you will never experience corrosion like you would with Aluminum decking.

An upkeep free substitute to Aluminum decking

ThruFlow™ offers a secure non-slip surface and an ease of assembly that has helped ThruFlow™ grow to become New England’s number one Aluminum decking alternative. Deck builders in New England recognized that installing ThruFlow™ banishes all the issues that come with Aluminum decking and have realized that ThruFlow™ is the ideal choice to replace Aluminum or wood based decking.

ThruFlow™ completely removes the burden of your Aluminum decking replacement when corrosion occurs as ThruFlow™ is 100% maintenance free, saving you energy, time and cost. ThruFlow™ has also been designed to lessen the lifting effect from storm surge and waves, making ThruFlow™ the perfect maintenance free choice for environmentally conscious areas.

ThruFlow™ is different than Aluminum decking as it is a non microbial product that doesn’t allow for leaching, mildew, rot or insect growth. ThruFlow™ decking material also requires no pre-treatment, giving you a safe and secure decking experience. ThruFlow™ has also shown to be a more durable alternative to Aluminum decking products, presenting a longer lifespan.

Reserve your ThruFlow™ Decking Online

With ThruFlow™ you will receive only the best in service and support, and the ThruFlow™ team area always on hand to ensure your decking materials are quickly shipped to your New England address. ThruFlow™ Aluminum free decking materials are also protected by a 12 year manufacturers defect warranty.