Aluminum Decking Alternative for Florida

Aluminum Decking Alternative for Florida

ThruFlow™ offers an Aluminum decking alternative to contractors and deck builders in Florida that provides unparalleled strength for docks, piers, marinas, decks, walkway projects and more. ThruFlow™ is the perfect alternative to traditional Aluminum decking material because of it’s unparalleled durability, affordability, and it’s wide array of available colors and sizes.

UV Protected ThruFlow™, Unlike Aluminum Decking

ThruFlow™ is the superior alternative to Aluminum decking, as ThruFlow™ remains saltwater and freshwater resistant, helping you avoid the typical corrosion experienced with Aluminum decking. ThruFlow™ also offers complete UV resistance, keeping your deck looking bright and fresh even through the roughest weather conditions in Florida, while keeping cool under the hot sun.

Maintenance free Aluminum decking substitute

The non-slip surface and ease of assembly found with ThruFlow™ Aluminum decking replacements has helped ThruFlow™ grow to become the top decking supplier in Florida. ThruFlow™ is the perfect alternative to Aluminum decking and Florida deck builders are quickly realizing that ThruFlow™ helps eliminate all the issues that stem from the installation of old fashioned Aluminum or wood based decking.

When replacing your Aluminum deck as corrosion arises, ThruFlow™ remains the 100% maintenance free solution, saving you time, energy and money. ThruFlow™’s design assists in minimizing the lifting effect from waves and storm surge, helping make ThruFlow™ the ideal choice for areas inclined to the preservation of the environment.

Unlike Aluminum decking, the non microbial nature of ThruFlow™ decking material never allows for insect growth, leaching, rot or mildew and ThruFlow™ never requires pre-treatment, giving you a safe and enjoyable decking experience. We know that ThruFlow™ gives you a longer life than the Aluminum decking products found on the market today.

Purchase ThruFlow™ Decking Online

You can expect nothing but high level support and service from the ThruFlow™ team, who ensure your decking materials are dispatched to your Florida address promptly and efficiently. ThruFlow™ Aluminum decking alternatives are also protected by a 12 year warranty against manufacturer defects.