Aluminum Decking Alternative for Minnesota

Aluminum Decking Alternative for Minnesota

ThruFlow™ allows deck builders and contractors in Minnesota access to the perfect Aluminum decking alternative that offers unparalleled strength for walkway projects, piers, marinas, docks, decks and more. With ThruFlow™ you get the ideal Aluminum decking replacement because it offers a long life, remains affordable and is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

ThruFlow™ Protects From UV Rays, Unlike Aluminum Decking

ThruFlow™ is the first-rate replacement for Aluminum decking as it helps you completely avoid the typical corrosion experienced with Aluminum decking, due to ThruFlow™’s salt and freshwater resistance. ThruFlow™ also offers complete UV resistance, helping your deck remain looking like new even in the worst weather found in Minnesota, and it keeps cool to the touch in the warm summer sun.

Easy Aluminum decking substitute

ThruFlow™ gives deck builders in Minnesota freedom from the issues that stem from the installation of old fashioned Aluminum decking. ThruFlow™ has quickly become the premium Aluminum decking alternative in the Minnesota area, helping make the replacement of your Aluminum decking simple with easy assembly and a safe and secure non-slip surface.

ThruFlow™ is absolutely maintenance free, helping lift the burden of Aluminum decking replacement when corrosion occurs, resulting in saving you time, energy and money. ThruFlow™’s design also helps reduce the lifting effect from waves and storm surge, making ThruFlow™ the upkeep free selection for regions that are environmentally sensitive.

ThruFlow™ is a non microbial product that, unlike Aluminum decking, never promotes insect growth, leaching, rot or mildew and never requires pre-treatment, allowing you to enjoy an especially safe deck. We also believe that ThruFlow™ Aluminum free decking material provides a longer lifespan than traditional Aluminum decking found today.

Buy ThruFlow™ Decking Online

You can count on the superior customer service and support provided by the ThruFlow™ team, who are always prepared to promptly dispatch your decking materials to Minnesota. We also protect ThruFlow™ Aluminum free decking materials with a 12 year warranty against manufacturer defects.