Aluminum Decking Alternative for Ontario

Aluminum Decking Alternative for Ontario

ThruFlow™ is the premier Aluminum decking replacement that’s available to deck builders and contractors in Ontario who area searching for an Aluminum decking alternative that is durable and works for decks, docks, piers, marinas, walkway projects and more. ThruFlow™ makes such a great Aluminum decking material alternative because it is attractive, durable, and versatile.

Cool to the Touch, ThruFlow™ Aluminum Decking Alternative

ThruFlow™ is a much higher quality alternative to Aluminum decking, as it is water resistant, meaning the typical corrosion found with Aluminum decking will never occur with ThruFlow™. All ThruFlow™ materials also provide complete UV resistance, meaning your deck remains bright and clean even through the toughest weather conditions in Ontario, while keeping cool to the touch in the summer.

Upkeep free Aluminum decking replacement

ThruFlow™ has developed into the top Aluminum decking alternative in Ontario, as ThruFlow™ offers a non-slip surface and an easy assembly. Deck builders and contractors in Ontario have quickly realized that ThruFlow™ is the ideal alternative to old fashioned wood or Aluminum based decking products, as ThruFlow™ avoids the issues that stem from the installation of Aluminum decking materials.

ThruFlow™ is a 100% maintenance free Aluminum decking alternative, helping save you time, energy and cost when it comes to replacing your Aluminum decking due to corrosion. ThruFlow™ also minimizes the lifting effect from storm surge and waves, making ThruFlow™ the upkeep free choice for environmentally sensitive regions.

Opposite to Aluminum decking, ThruFlow™ is a non microbial product that does not allow for rot, insect growth, leaching or mildew and never requires pre-treatment. ThruFlow™ allows you to enjoy a simple and safe decking experience. With ThruFlow™, you receive an Aluminum decking alternative that has a longer life span than any Aluminum decking products available in Ontario.

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Anticipate nothing but top tier support and service from the ThruFlow™ team, who are always on hand to ensure your decking materials are promptly shipped to Ontario and beyond. We also protect your Aluminum decking replacement with a 12 year manufacturers defect warranty.