Aluminum Decking Alternative for Saskatchewan

Aluminum Decking Alternative for Saskatchewan

ThruFlow™ is the absolute Aluminum decking alternative for deck builders and contractors in Saskatchewan who require a replacement for their Aluminum decking that provides unparalleled strength and versatility for use in decks, piers, walkway projects and more. ThruFlow™ provides the ideal Aluminum decking substitute due to it’s affordability, durability, and available range of sizes and colors.

UV Resistant ThruFlow™, Unlike Aluminum Decking

ThruFlow™ is the better choice for your Aluminum decking replacement, as ThruFlow™ avoids the common corrosion found with Aluminum decking as it is completely saltwater and freshwater resistant. With ThruFlow™ your deck will also remain bright, clean and cool to the touch through any weather condition found in Chesapeake Bay.

Hassle-free Aluminum decking alternative

ThruFlow™ has rapidly advanced to become the top Aluminum decking alternative in Saskatchewan. ThruFlow™ presents a non-slip surface and an ease of assembly that has created a strong following of deck builders in Saskatchewan who recognize that ThruFlow™ eliminates the issues that stem from Aluminum decking materials and is the ideal substitute for wood or Aluminum decking.

ThruFlow™ is an upkeep free Aluminum decking alternative that helps remove the burden of replacing your deck when you see corrosion, saving you time, money and energy. The custom design found with ThruFlow™ assists in reducing the lifting effect from waves and storm surge, helping ThruFlow™ become Saskatchewan’s environmentally friendly Aluminum decking alternative.

Unlike Aluminum decking, ThruFlow™ is a non microbial decking material that never promotes leaching, mildew, insect growth or rot and does not require pre-treatment, giving you an especially safe and easy decking experience. We truly believe that ThruFlow™ has a longer life span than the old fashioned Aluminum decking products available for purchase.

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Expect nothing but the best in customer service and support from the hardworking ThruFlow™ team who are ready to quickly dispatch your decking materials to Saskatchewan. ThruFlow™ Aluminum free decking material is also protected by a 12 year warranty against manufacturer defects.