Aluminum Decking Alternative for USA

Aluminum Decking Alternative for USA

ThruFlow™ is the ideal Aluminum decking replacement, ready for use by contractors and deck builders in the USA, giving a high performance Aluminum decking alternative for decks, marinas, docks, piers, walkway projects and more. ThruFlow™ is such an exceptional alternative to Aluminum decking material because it’s durable, affordable, and available in a range of colors and sizes.

ThruFlow™ Stays Cool, Unlike Aluminum Decking

ThruFlow™ remains far superior to Aluminum decking, as it is saltwater and freshwater resistant, which completely avoids the usual corrosion you will experience with traditional Aluminum decking. ThruFlow™ is also completely UV resistant, ensuring your deck will remain bright and clean through even the worst weather conditions in the USA, while staying cool to the touch in the hot sun.

Maintenance free Aluminum decking alternative

ThruFlow™ has quickly risen to be the top Aluminum decking alternative in the USA. ThruFlow™ provides a safe non-slip surface with an ease of assembly that has strongly impacted deck builders in the USA who recognize ThruFlow™ as the ideal alternative to outdated Aluminum or wood based products, and who are done with the issues that come from the installation of Aluminum decking materials.

ThruFlow™ remains completely maintenance free, helping remove the burden of Aluminum deck replacement when corrosion occurs, saving you time, energy and cost. With ThruFlow™, the lifting effect from waves and storm surge is also minimized, helping make ThruFlow™ the top choice for areas that are environmentally sensitive.

ThruFlow™ is a non microbial product, unlike Aluminum decking, and ThruFlow™ never allows for rot, leaching, insect growth or mildew and never requires pre-treatment, allowing you to enjoy an especially smooth decking experience. ThruFlow™ is a longer lasting Aluminum decking alternative, that remains far above any products on the market.

ThruFlow™ Decking Available Online

With ThruFlow™ you can expect nothing but superior service and support, as the ThruFlow™ team are always available to ship your decking materials to the USA and beyond. Our Aluminum decking alternative is backed by a 12 year warranted against manufacturer defects.