Aluminum Decks for Florida

Aluminum Decks for Florida

Readily available to contractors and deck builders in Florida, ThruFlow™ remains the perfect solution to your Aluminum deck replacement. ThruFlow™ provides a durability and versatility that Aluminum decks are simple unable to provide and is ideal for a number of surfaces. Update your old fashioned Aluminum deck with ThruFlow™, a modern and functional Aluminum decking update.

An Advanced Aluminum Deck Replacement

Far superior to Aluminum decks, ThruFlow™ built decks never experience traditional Aluminum deck issues, such as costly corrosion, as ThruFlow™ decks are salt and freshwater resistant. ThruFlow™ also remains cool to the touch under the hot summer sun in Florida, as unlike Aluminum decks, ThruFlow™ products provide complete UV resistance.

Aluminum Decks Are Unable To Compete

As the top Aluminum deck alternative in Florida, ThruFlow™ provides a secure non-slip surface and simple assembly. Deck builders in Florida are turning to ThruFlow™ as an Aluminum deck replacement, as they appreciate the maintenance free nature of ThruFlow™ deck materials and the wide range of colors and sizes to choose from. ThruFlow™ completely avoids common issues experienced with Aluminum decks, such as corrosion, and helps to save you time, money, and budget.

ThruFlow™ is designed to reduce the impact from waves and storm surge, that unlike Aluminum decks, ensure your deck has a long and beneficial life. ThruFlow™’s surface is also non-microbial, meaning it never promotes mildew, rot, insect growth, or leaching, keeping you better protected than an Aluminum deck. Choose ThruFlow™ for the absolute best solution to your Aluminum deck replacement.

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The ThruFlow™ team are on hand to provide you with premium service and support, quickly shipping your Aluminum deck replacement materials to you in Florida. Enjoy peace of mind, as all deck materials come protected by a 12 year warranty against defects.