Aluminum Decks for Minnesota

Aluminum Decks for Minnesota

Deck builders and contractors in Minnesota have access to ThruFlow™, the solution to your Aluminum deck replacement. ThruFlow™ deck materials offer unparalleled durability over Aluminum decks, and remain versatile, suitable for surfacing decks, walkways, docks, marinas, piers, and more. ThruFlow™ is your modern and light weight alternative to Aluminum deck products.

An Advancement Over Aluminum Decks

ThruFlow™ built decks offer complete UV resistance, ensuring that unlike Aluminum decks, they remain cool to the touch under the hot summer sun in Minnesota. ThruFlow™ products are also salt and freshwater resistant, able to withstand the elements and avoid corrosion while looking bright and clean in any weather, unlike traditional Aluminum decks.

Maintenance Free Aluminum Deck Alternative

As the number one Aluminum deck solution in Minnesota, ThruFlow™ boasts a non-slip surface that comes in a wide range of colors and sizes. ThruFlow™ deck materials have quickly caught the attention of deck builders in Minnesota, who have been searching for an Aluminum deck replacement that remains maintenance free and avoids the common issues experienced with Aluminum decks. ThruFlow™ remains 100% maintenance free, helping you free up your time and budget.

The cutting edge design of ThruFlow™ means that your deck is better protected from the lifting effects of waves and storm surge than with a traditional Aluminum deck. Also, ThruFlow™ provides a non-microbial surface, that unlike Aluminum decks, prevents the formation of rot, insect growth, and mildew, protecting your deck and the environment. Select ThruFlow™ for the superior alternative to Aluminum decking.

Find ThruFlow™ Deck Materials Online

The ThruFlow™ staff are always on hand to ensure your Aluminum deck replacement is on its way to you in Minnesota promptly and efficiently. We ensure all of our decking materials come backed by a 12 year warranty against defects, keeping you protected.