Aluminum Decks for Texas

Aluminum Decks for Texas

ThruFlow™ provides deck builders and contractors in Texas the ideal solution to their Aluminum deck replacement. Unlike Aluminum decks, ThruFlow™ decking materials are versatile and durable, able to surface a number of projects such as decks, marinas, piers, docks, walkways and more. Choose ThruFlow™ for your modern update from your old fashioned Aluminum deck.

Your Solution To Aluminum Deck Issues

ThruFlow™ remains the first choice over Aluminum decks, as ThruFlow™ built decks are both fresh and saltwater resistant, never experiencing corrosion like Aluminum decks. ThruFlow™ stays completely cool to the touch under the hot Texas sun as ThruFlow™ decks are UV resistant, unlike Aluminum decks, keeping your deck looking clean in any Texas weather.

Aluminum Decks Can’t Compare

ThruFlow™ is recognized as the number one Aluminum deck replacement in Texas, providing a non-skid surface and ease of assembly. Deck builders in Texas are flocking to ThruFlow™, recognizing it as the perfect solution to Aluminum decks. ThruFlow™ deck materials come in a wide range of colors and sizes, and completely avoid the usual issue experienced with Aluminum decks, such as corrosion. ThruFlow™ decks help to save you time, money, and budget.

Designed to minimize the impact from waves and storm surge, ThruFlow™ decks, unlike Aluminum decks are crafted to have a long life. Keep your deck looking fresh, as ThruFlow™ is a non-microbial surface, never allowing for the development of rot, leaching, mildew, or insect growth, protecting you better than an Aluminum deck. ThruFlow™ is your absolute best choice over any Aluminum deck product available in Texas today.

ThruFlow™ Deck Materials Available For Purchase

Along with a premium Aluminum deck alternative, ThruFlow™ also provides excellent service and support and are ready to dispatch your deck materials to you in Texas promptly and efficiently. Enjoy the confidence in knowing that our deck materials are protected by a 12 year warranty against defects.