Aluminum Decks for the USA

Aluminum Decks for the USA

ThruFlow™ provides contractors and deck builders located in the USA with the ideal alternative to Aluminum decks. ThruFlow™ deck materials give you a durable surface that is more versatile and functional than Aluminum decks. ThruFlow™ is perfect for a variety of surfaces, including decks, marinas, piers, walkways, and more. ThruFlow™ is your modern update to Aluminum deck products.

Your Aluminum Deck Replacement

ThruFlow™ provides a far superior surface to Aluminum decks, as ThruFlow™ built decks are water resistant, avoiding the usual corrosion experienced with Aluminum docks. ThruFlow™ also remains cool to the touch under the hot sun, unlike Aluminum decks, as ThruFlow™ decks are UV resistant, ensuring you deck remains bright and clean in the USA.

Corrosion-Free Aluminum Deck Replacement

Save your time, energy, and budget by choosing ThruFlow™ over a traditional Aluminum deck. ThruFlow™ has grown to become the top replacement for Aluminum decks in the USA, providing a non-slip surface and easy assembly. ThruFlow™ has quickly caught the attention of deck builders in the USA, who recognize that ThruFlow™ completely avoids traditional Aluminum deck issues, relieving them of the high maintenance burden experienced with Aluminum decks.

With a cutting edge design that minimizes the lifting effect from waves and storm surge, ThruFlow™ ensures your deck will last longer than a traditional Aluminum deck. Unlike Aluminum decks, ThruFlow™ offers a non microbial surface, that protects your deck from rot, mildew, insect growth, and leaching more than your old Aluminum deck, making ThruFlow™ the absolute best choice over Aluminum decks.

ThruFlow™ Deck Materials Available Online

Enjoy premium service and support when working with the ThruFlow™ team, ready to dispatch your Aluminum deck replacement to you in the USA promptly and efficiently. We ensure all of our deck materials are backed by a 12 year warranty against defects, giving you peace of mind.