Aluminum Dock Solution for New England

Aluminum Dock Solution for New England

Readily available to contractors and dock builders located in New England, ThruFlow™ gives you the perfect Aluminum dock alternative. Your ThruFlow™ dock materials provide unparalleled durability over Aluminum docks and are suitable for surfacing docks, piers, walkways, decks, marinas, and more. ThruFlow™ is your modern dock update, chosen over Aluminum docks thanks to its light weight, affordability, and durability.

Keep Cool With Our Aluminum Dock Alternative

ThruFlow™ built docks are far superior to Aluminum docks, as they remain fresh and saltwater resistant and never corrode like traditional Aluminum docks, keeping your New England dock looking bright and clean. Also, ThruFlow™ provides complete UV resistance, meaning your Aluminum dock alternative will keep cool to the touch even under the hottest sun in New England.

More Advanced Than Aluminum Docks

With a non-slip surface and ease of assembly, ThruFlow™ has quickly grown to be the number one Aluminum dock solution in New England. ThruFlow™ is available in a wide range of colors and sizes and has made a big impact on dock builders in New England who are tired of dealing with traditional Aluminum dock issues. People are flocking to ThruFlow™, as ThruFlow™ remains 100% maintenance free. Forget the high maintenance burden of caring for an Aluminum dock, save time, energy, and cost with ThruFlow™.

ThruFlow™ offers an environmentally friendly surface, with an advanced grated design that allows for maximum light penetration, protecting sensitive sea life and grasses below.

Unlike your old Aluminum dock, ThruFlow™ is a non microbial product. ThruFlow™ built docks never allow for rot, mildew, insect growth, or leaching, while requiring absolutely no pretreatment. ThruFlow™ also provides a more durable choice over Aluminum docks, as ThruFlow™ minimizes the lifting effects from waves and storm surge, helping it last for years to come.

Discover Your Aluminum Dock Alternative Online

The ThruFlow™ team provide nothing but exceptional service and support, ready to assist you and promptly ship you dock materials to New England and beyond. Our Aluminum free dock materials also come completely protected by a 12 year warranty against defects.