Aluminum Dock Solution for Florida

Aluminum Dock Solution for Florida

For dock builders and contractors in Florida, ThruFlow™ offers the perfect solution to traditional Aluminum dock products. With ThruFlow™, you get unparalleled durability over Aluminum docks, and ThruFlow™ is suitable for surfacing marinas, decks, walkways, piers, and more. Choose ThruFlow™ for a modern update to Aluminum docks, due to it’s affordability, longevity, and light weight.

Sun Friendly Aluminum Dock Alternative

ThruFlow™ built docks are the superior choice over Aluminum docks, as ThruFlow™ builds their docks to be salt and freshwater resistant, avoiding the traditional corrosion experienced with Aluminum docks. ThruFlow™ docks are also able to keep cool under the hot sun, and can weather any temperature in Florida, as unlike Aluminum docks, ThruFlow™ provides complete UV resistance.

Advanced Over Aluminum Docks

ThruFlow™ has grown to be the top alternative to Aluminum docks in Florida, as ThruFlow™ is available in a variety of colors and offers a secure non-slip surface. ThruFlow™ has made a deep impact on dock builders in Florida, as they appreciate that ThruFlow™ avoids all the traditional issues found with Aluminum based docks. ThruFlow™ completely avoids the corrosion found with traditional Aluminum docks, and remains completely maintenance free, helping you save your time, energy, and budget.

Enjoy ThruFlow™’s environmentally friendly surface, with an open grated design meant to allow for maximum light penetration, helping protect the sea life in highly sensitive areas.

ThruFlow™ remains your most durable selection when replacing your outdated Aluminum dock, as ThruFlow™ is built to last, designed to lessen the lifting effect from storm surge and waves, keeping your dock looking new for many years. Also, unlike Aluminum docks, ThruFlow™ is non-microbial, preventing rot, mildew, insect growth, and leaching, with no pre-treatment needed

Aluminum Dock Alternative Ordered Online

The ThruFlow™ team are always ready to offer you premium service and support, ensuring your Aluminum free dock materials are quickly shipped to you in Florida. With ThruFlow™, enjoy peace of mind, as your dock materials are protected by a 12 year warranty against defects.