Aluminum Dock Solution for Ontario

Aluminum Dock Solution for Ontario

ThruFlow™ dock materials are readily available to contractors and Aluminum dock builders in the Ontario area who are looking for a long lasting alternative to tradition Aluminum docks. ThruFlow™ dock materials are suitable to replace Aluminum docks, as well as a variety of other surfaces including decks, piers, walkways, marinas, and more, as they are light weight, affordable, and durable.

An Advanced Aluminum Dock Alternative

ThruFlow™ built docks remain superior to Aluminum docks, as they are built to be water resistant, helping you completely avoid the typical corrosion found with Aluminum docks. With ThruFlow™, your dock also provides complete UV resistance, ensuring your dock remains bright and clean through any weather, and stays cool to the touch under the hot Ontario sun.

No Competition From Aluminum Docks

ThruFlow™’s advanced non-slip design and easy assembly has helped it quickly climb to be the number one Aluminum dock replacement in Ontario. ThruFlow™ is available to dock builders in Ontario in a wide range of sizes and colors, and help avoid traditional Aluminum dock issues. ThruFlow™ is a favorite among dock builders, as ThruFlow™ is completely maintenance free, helping them bypass the high maintenance burden experienced with Aluminum docks when corrosion ultimately hits, saving time, energy, and budget.

With a cutting edge open grated design, ThruFlow™ is perfect for environmentally friendly areas, as it allows for maximum light penetration, protecting the sea life and grasses beneath it.

When replacing your Aluminum dock, ThruFlow™ remains your most durable selection, as ThruFlow™ is designed to minimize the lifting effects from waves and storm surge, ensuring your dock endures. ThruFlow™ is also non-microbial, and unlike Aluminum docks, prevents leaching, insect growth, rot, or mildew, while never requiring pre-treatment for protection.

Aluminum Dock Alternative Found Online

Enjoy premium service and support from the ThruFlow™ team, who are always ready to assist you and promptly ship your Aluminum free dock materials to Ontario. With ThruFlow™ dock materials, you get peace of mind, as you are protected by a 12 year warranty against defects.