Aluminum Dock Solution for Texas

Aluminum Dock Solution for Texas

Ready for use by dock builders and contractors in Texas, ThruFlow™ is the perfect alternative to Aluminum docks. ThruFlow™ dock materials provide unrivalled durability over Aluminum docks and remain a versatile solution for surfacing marinas, docks, piers, decks, walkways and more. ThruFlow™ is the advanced option over Aluminum dock products due to it’s longevity and affordability.

Aluminum dock replacement that remains cool to the touch

ThruFlow™ built docks are much greater than Aluminum docks, as they are water resistant and able to avoid the corrosion that is experienced when building an Aluminum dock. ThruFlow™ has the ability to remain cool to the touch under the hot summer sun and offers complete UV resistance, ensuring your dock remains bright and clean during any type of weather.

Antiquated Aluminum Docks

ThruFlow™ has quickly climbed to secure the number one spot for Aluminum dock replacements in Texas. ThruFlow™ presents a secure non-slip surface that comes in a range of colors and sizes, and it’s ease of assembly has caught the eye of dock builders in Texas who want to say goodbye to the issues that arise from Aluminum docks. Dock builders turn to ThruFlow™ as they know that ThruFlow™ remains 100% maintenance free, completely avoiding the high maintenance nature of Aluminum docks when corrosion occurs, saving energy, time and cost.

Protect the environment around your dock with ThruFlow™, as the advanced and maintenance free design found with ThruFlow™ assists by reducing the lifting effect from waves and storm surge.

Unlike Aluminum, ThruFlow™ dock materials are non microbial and ThruFlow™ built docks do not allow for mildew, insect growth, leaching or rot, and they never require pre-treatment, allowing you to enjoy a maintenance free dock for decades. We truly believe that ThruFlow™ products provide the ideal alternative to Aluminum docks available on the market today.

ThruFlow™ Dock Materials Accessible Online

You can expect nothing but the best in service and support from the ThruFlow™ team as they are on hand to ensure prompt delivery of your dock materials to your Texas address. All of our Aluminum free dock materials are also covered by a 12 year warranty against manufacturers defects.