Deck Boards for Canada

Deck Boards for Canada

Readily available for delivery to Canada, ThruFlow™ is an ideal deck board material suitable for contractors and deck builders who are seeking maintenance free deck boards within Canada, offering unparalleled strength for a range of applications. ThruFlow™ deck boards are a modern solution – durable yet affordable, and available for purchase in a number of colours and sizes.

Grated Deck Boards for your Deck, Dock or Walkway

ThruFlow™ has risen to be the number one grated deck board provider for Canada. ThruFlow™’s non-skid surface provides an especially safe platform and the ease of assembly has made a massive impact on Canadian deck builders who now recognise ThruFlow™ deck boards as the modern approach over old fashioned wood or Aluminium deck boards due to the zero maintenance that’s required, bypassing the need to regularly re-stain saving much time, energy and cost.

Environmentally Friendly Deck Boards

As a non microbial product, ThruFlow™ deck boards are immune to leaching, rot, the formation of mildew and insect growth, with no pre-treatment neccesary, so that you can enjoy an especially simple deck board installation.

Weather Proof Deck Boards

ThruFlow™ is fresh and saltwater resistant and provides complete UV resistance to ensure your deck boards will stay bright and clean even in the harshest of Canadian weather conditions, as well as staying cool to the touch in the summer sun.

ThruFlow™’s deck boards minimize the lifting effect from waves and storm surge making ThruFlow™ the maintenance free choice for environmentally sensitive areas.

Order ThruFlow™ Deck Boards Online

Expect nothing but well rounded service and support from the ThruFlow™ staff who are ready to dispatch your deck boards to Canada and beyond, quickly and efficiently. Backed by a 12 year warranty against manufacturer defects, ThruFlow™ deck boards are the definitive solution for simplifying the deck board installation process.