Deck Boards for New England

Deck Boards for New England

ThruFlow™ provides contractors and deck builders in New England with advanced deck boards, providing a maintenance free surface that remains durable. ThruFlow™ deck boards come in a vast array of colors and sizes and are ideal for a range of applications. ThruFlow™ deck boards are a modern upgrade from your existing deck boards in New England, providing unparalleled strength.

Secure Grated Deck Boards

ThruFlow™ has quickly grown to become the number one grated deck board provider in New England, offering deck boards that provide a secure non-slip surface and simple assembly. ThruFlow™ deck boards are trusted among deck builders in New England, as they appreciate ThruFlow™’s innovative deck board design, improving on old fashioned wood or Aluminum deck boards, as ThruFlow™ deck boards are hassle free, never requiring maintenance or re-staining.

Unpolluted Deck Boards

As a non microbial product, ThruFlow™ deck boards are free from common deck board issues such as the formation of mildew, rot, leaching, and insect growth, while never needing to be pre-treated.

Weather Proof Deck Boards

Enjoy your ThruFlow™ deck boards through any weather in New England, as ThruFlow™ deck boards are UV resistant and provide salt and fresh water resistance, keeping them looking new and cool to the touch year round.

ThruFlow™ deck boards are designed to ensure a long life span, as ThruFlow™ deck boards reduce the lifting effect from waves and storm surge, keeping them protected.

Buy ThruFlow™ Deck Boards Online

Let the knowledgeable ThruFlow™ team assist you in your deck board selection, finding the ideal deck board materials for you and ensuring prompt delivery to you in New England. Your ThruFlow™ deck boards come with peace of mind as well, as all ThruFlow™ deck boards are protected by a 12 year warranty against manufacturers defects for a hassle free deck board experience.