Deck Flooring for New England

Deck Flooring for New England

ThruFlow™ deck flooring is the modern solution to deck builders and contractors in New England who request deck flooring that is maintenance free and provides a durable and versatile surface. ThruFlow™ deck flooring remains the updated choice for a range of applications in New England, boasting unparalleled strength while remaining affordable and able to be shipped in a variety of colors and sizes.

Secure Flooring for your Walkway, Deck or Dock

ThruFlow™ has advanced to be the top deck flooring supplier in New England, thanks to ThruFlow™’s innovative non-skid design and ease of assembly. Deck builders in New England recognize that ThruFlow™ deck flooring provides a modern solution to replacing your old fashioned wood or Aluminum decking. ThruFlow™ deck flooring requires absolutely no maintenance, as it is completely waterproof and never needs to be re-stained, protecting you from the costs associated with deck flooring maintenance.

Non-Microbial Deck Flooring

As a non microbial product, ThruFlow™ deck flooring is protected from insect growth, mildew, rot and leaching, and does not need to be pre-treated, helping simplify your deck flooring installation while keeping you secure.

Guarded Deck Flooring

ThruFlow™ deck flooring is designed to be fresh and saltwater resistant, while providing complete UV resistance, keeping it looking fresh and protected through any weather conditions found in New England, while keeping cool to the touch in the blazing sun.

ThruFlow™ deck flooring lessens the impact of waves and storm surges, allowing ThruFlow™ deck flooring to be the upkeep free choice for eco friendly regions.

ThruFlow™ Deck Flooring Ordered Online

ThruFlow™ offers customer support that is second to none as the ThruFlow™ dispatch team is ready to ensure your deck flooring is quickly delivered to your address in New England. ThruFlow™ deck flooring comes with a lengthy 12 year warranty against defects. Make ThruFlow™ deck flooring your definitive solution to your decking replacement project.