Decking Material for British Columbia

Decking Material for British Columbia

Contractors and deck builders in the British Columbia area know that ThruFlow™ decking material is the ideal choice if you’re searching for a versatile decking material that functions well for docks, decks, piers, marinas, walkway projects, and more. ThruFlow™ decking material remains functional and durable.

Cost Saving Grated Decking Material

As ThruFlow™ has grown to be the top provider of grated decking materials in British Columbia, ThruFlow™ has also made a great impact on deck and dock builders in British Columbia who recognize that ThruFlow™ decking material provides the perfect alternative to old fashioned wood or Aluminum decking material. ThruFlow™ decking material is completely maintenance free, meaning it never needs to be re-stained, saving much time, energy, and cost.

Ecological Decking Material

ThruFlow™ decking material is a non microbial surface that never promotes rot, leaching, insect growth, or mildew, and never requires harsh pre-treatment, giving you an enjoyable and safe decking material.

Water Proof Decking Material

ThruFlow™ decking material gives you complete UV resistance, keeping it cool to the touch under the hot summer sun, and is fresh and saltwater resistant, keeping your decking material looking bright and clean through any British Columbia weather.

ThruFlow™ provides an advance open decking material design, which lessens the impact of storm surge and waves, keeping the environment protected while remaining maintenance free.

ThruFlow™ Decking Materials are on the Internet

With ThruFlow™, you get only the best in service and support, as the ThruFlow™ team are always ready to ship your decking materials to you in British Columbia promptly and efficiently. ThruFlow™ decking materials come backed by a 12 year manufacturers defect warranty, making ThruFlow™ your perfect decking solution.