Decking Material for Minnesota

Decking Material for Minnesota

ThruFlow™ offers Minnesota contractors and deck builders a high quality decking material that is ideal for wide range of projects, including docks, marinas, piers, and decks. ThruFlow™ decking material offers affordable durability and longevity that can’t be matched, while coming in many size and colour options.

Replacement Grated Decking Material for your Dock, Deck or Walkway

ThruFlow™ is the leading grated decking material supplier in the Minnesota area, as ThruFlow™ decking material’s non-slip surface and straightforward assembly has stood out to Minnesota deck builders who acknowledge ThruFlow™ decking material as the best replacement for old fashioned wood or Aluminum decking. ThruFlow™ decking material is 100% maintenance free, never requiring re-staining, saving time and cost.

Respectable Decking Material

As a non microbial product that is not pre-treated, ThruFlow™ decking material protects your deck from leaching, mildew, insect growth and rot, giving you the ultimate safe decking experience.

Long Lasting Decking Material

ThruFlow™ decking material is able to withstand even in the most severe weather conditions in Minnesota, as ThruFlow™ decking material is fresh and saltwater resistant and offers complete UV resistance, keeping your decking material bright and cool to the touch always.

ThruFlow™ offers an innovative open decking design that assists by reducing the impact from waves and storm surge, allowing ThruFlow™ to be the best choice for environmentally conscious regions.

Easy ThruFlow™ Decking Online Ordering

The team at ThruFlow™ are always available to offer you unparalleled support and service and to ensure that your decking material is promptly dispatched to Minnesota. Your ThruFlow™ decking material is protected by a 12 year warranty against manufacturer defects, allowing ThruFlow™ to be the perfect decking option for both Minnesota based dock owners and dock builders alike.