Decking Material for Washington

Decking Material for Washington

ThruFlow™ decking material remains the first choice for deck builders and contractors in Washington, as our decking materials provides a strong and versatile surface for marinas, walkway projects, piers, decks, docks, and more. ThruFlow™ decking material is extremely durable, yet remains affordable.

Maintenance Free Grated Decking Material

ThruFlow™ decking material has quickly risen to be the top grated decking provider in Washington as ThruFlow™’s unique design gives users a non-skid platform and easy assembly that has made a strong impact on deck builders in Washington. ThruFlow™ decking material provides the ideal replacement option over old fashioned Aluminum or wood decking materials, as ThruFlow™ decking material is completely free of maintenance, saving you time and money.

Ecologically Sound Decking Material

As a non microbial decking material, ThruFlow™ never allows for rot, mildew, insect growth, or leaching, and it never requires pre-treatment, giving you an extremely safe decking material.

Well Protected Decking Material

ThruFlow™ decking material gives you a surface that is salt and freshwater resistant, while providing complete UV resistance, keeping your deck looking clean and remaining cool to the touch through any Washington weather.

With an advanced open decking design, ThruFlow™ decking material assists in minimizing the lifting effect caused by storm surge and waves, allowing ThruFlow™ to be your ideal choice for eco-friendly areas.

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With ThruFlow™, you receive nothing but premium service and support, as the ThruFlow™ team are ready to promptly ship your decking materials to you in Washington. Enjoy complete peace of mind, as all ThruFlow™ decking materials installed in Washington is covered by a 12 year manufacturers defect warranty.