Dock Boards And Materials for Canada

Dock Boards And Materials for Canada

ThruFlow™ dock boards and materials are built for contractors located in Canada, who are seeking the most durable dock boards and materials available. ThruFlow™ dock boards offer maximum strength and durability without breaking the bank. ThruFlow™ dock boards are readily available in a wide array of sizes and colours to match the style of your dock, and timely shipping options for Canada.

ThruFlow™ non-slip dock boards provide a maintenance free option, gone are the days of refinishing old fashioned wood or Aluminium products, with dock board treatments required.

Environmentally Friendly Dock Boards

Our Canada based contractors appreciate that ThruFlow™ dock boards do not rot, you can expect to enjoy a durable and straight forward dock board installation, with absolutely no dock board treatment necessary.

Weather Resistant Dock Boards for Canada

ThruFlow™ dock boards are both waterproof and UV resistant, the look of your dock boards will appear clean and fresh no matter the season.

ThruFlow™’s dock boards and materials keep cool, and minimize damage from waves and storm surge due to ThruFlow™’s open design.

Order ThruFlow™ Dock Boards

If you are local to Canada and are looking for premium dock boards and materials, we can ship your dock boards and materials to your location quickly, and affordably. All of our dock boards are covered by a twelve year warranty, ThruFlow™ dock boards are the absolute, definitive solution for Canadian customers who are looking for a dock board solution that can be relied upon.