Dock Supplies for Canada

Dock Supplies for Canada

Readily available for delivery to Canada, ThruFlow™ offers some of the highest quality dock supplies. ThruFlow™ products are geared towards dock builders who are seeking well rounded dock supplies in Canada. ThruFlow™ dock supplies yield maximum strength, without breaking the bank. All of our dock supplies are available for purchase in a wide array of colours and sizes.

Grated Dock Supplies for your Dock or Walkway

ThruFlow™ is the tried and trusted dock supplies providor for Canada. ThruFlow™’s non-skid surface provides a safe, non-slip surface for your dock, ThruFlow™ supplies are especially to install, and have made a huge impact upon Canadian dock builders who prefer ThruFlow™ dock supplies over old fashioned wood or Aluminium supplies, due to there being absolutely no maintenance required.

Environmentally Friendly Dock Supplies

ThruFlow™ dock supplies are not prone to leaching, our supplies will not rot, and you will not have to deal with mildew and unwanted pests such as rodents and insects. Enjoy a simple and straight foward surfacing experience, with absolutely no pre-treatments required.

Weather Resistant Dock Supplies (Canada)

ThruFlow™ is waterproof and UV resistant, this ensures that the look of your dock remains clean and new in appearance, even during the harshest of Canadian weather conditions. ThruFlow™’s dock boards remain cool, and minimize damage from waves and storm surge due to it’s open design, we believe that ThruFlow™ dock supplies the maintenance free choice for environmentally sensitive areas.

Order ThruFlow™ Dock Supplies Today

Your dock supplies are currently available for shipping to Canada, quickly and efficiently. All of our dock supplies are covered a 12 year warranty, ThruFlow™ dock supplies are the definitive solution for Canadian customers who need premium dock supplies that can be fully relyed upon.