Maintenance Free Decking for Canada

Maintenance Free Decking for Canada

ThruFlows™ maintenance free decking materials lends unparalleled strength for your decking project. ThruFlow™ is one of the best alternatives to Aluminum and wooden decking materials as there is no maintenance required, finally a maintenance free decking product that you can rely on.

Non-slip Surfacing

ThruFlow™ features a safe non-slip surface, with and it’s ease of assembly ThruFlow™ has made waves with Canadian deck builders who are looking for a quick and easy maintenance free decking solution within Canada.

Being maintenance free, you can save time, cost, and much energy in replacing your decking. ThruFlow™ is built to withstand the pressure from waves and storm surge by allowing water to pass through it’s resilient design.

The Maintenance Free Decking Choice

ThruFlow™ decking panels function optimally in both saltwater and freshwater, at last you can enjoy a decking solution for Canada that’s not only UV resistant, but built to withstand Canadian weather conditions no matter how hot, or how cold the weather may be.

ThruFlow™ decking is built from non microbial materials, there is no leaching, rot, insect issues and absolutely no pre-treatments needed to start your decking project.

Order Maintenance Free Decking With Ease

ThruFlow™ is available to Canada, with friendly staff who are ready to ship your maintenance free decking products directly to your location. ThruFlows™ stand by their products with a well rounded twelve year warranty so you can trust that you are purchasing only high quality decking materials.