Maintenance Free Decking for Florida

Maintenance Free Decking for Florida

Let ThruFlow™ give your decking project a boost with maintenance free decking materials. ThruFlow™ provides a maintenance free decking alternative to traditional Aluminum or wooden decking materials. Complete your deck with reliable maintenance free decking from ThruFlow™.

Safe Surfacing

ThruFlow™ supports a safe and secure non-skid surface and an ease of assembly that has allowed ThruFlow™ to be the first choice for deck builders in Florida who want a maintenance free decking solution in Florida.

Save time, energy and cost on your decking installation with ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking material. ThruFlow™ is manufactured to allow water to pass through and brave pressure from waves thanks to it’s resilient design.

Your Solution For Maintenance Free Decking

With ThruFlow™, you get decking panels that are able to function in both fresh and saltwater, allowing you to enjoy a decking solution in Florida that is UV resistant, and able to handle any weather conditions found in Florida, no matter how hot.

ThruFlow™ decking is manufactured with non microbial materials, warding off rot, insect growth and leaching and there are absolutely no pre-treatments needed.

Purchase Maintenance Free Decking Today

ThruFlow™ decking is ready to be shipped to your Florida address as our helpful staff are on hand to ensure prompt delivery. All ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking products are protected by a well rounded twelve year warranty, giving you confidence in your advanced decking materials.