Maintenance Free Decking for North Carolina

Maintenance Free Decking for North Carolina

Using ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking ensures that your North decking project is both durable, and future proof. ThruFlow™ provides maintenance free decking that is the perfect choice over wooden and Aluminum decking materials. With ThruFlow™, you can enjoy maintenance free decking materials that last.

Protected Surfacing

With ThruFlow™, deck builders in North Carolina get a secure non-slip surface and an ease of assembly that can’t be beat. ThruFlow™ gives you a quick and maintenance free decking option found within North Carolina.

ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking allows you to conserve time, energy and budget during your decking installation. The advanced design found with ThruFlow™ withstands even the worst waves and storm surge.

Resilient Maintenance Free Decking

Able to function in both salt and freshwater, ThruFlow™ decking panels allow you to enjoy your deck in North Carolina. ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking is UV resistant, and designed to endure in the worst weather found in North Carolina, no matter how hot or cold.

You will never have to worry about rot, insect growth or leaching with ThruFlow™ decking, built using non microbial components that don’t require pre-treatment.

Purchase Maintenance Free Decking Online

Get ready to enjoy your maintenance free decking in North Carolina, as the helpful ThruFlow™ staff are on hand to promptly ship your decking to you. ThruFlow™ decking materials are all covered by a well rounded twelve year warranty so you know you are ordering the top decking material on the market.