Maintenance Free Decking for Ontario

Maintenance Free Decking for Ontario

Give your decking project a boost with maintenance free decking materials from ThruFlow™. ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking is the perfect alternative to high maintenance wood or Aluminum decking. Finally you can have a maintenance free decking that is durable and reliable.

Non-skid Surfacing

ThruFlow™ allows you to have a safe and non-skid surface that is easy to assembly, making ThruFlow™ the first choice for deck builders in Ontario who desire a simple and maintenance free decking option in Ontario.

With ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking material, you save energy, time and cost when replacing you decking. ThruFlow™ is manufactured to withstand pressure from waves and storm surge, as it’s advanced design lets water pass through.

Choose Maintenance Free Decking

ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking panels are able to function in freshwater and are UV resistant, protecting them through any Ontario weather. No matter how hot or cold, ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking is built to handle any condition in Ontario.

All ThruFlow™ decking is manufactured using non microbial materials, preventing rot, leaching and insect growth while needing absolutely no pre-treatments.

Simple Maintenance Free Decking Ordering

ThruFlow™ decking is accessible in Ontario, as our friendly staff want to promptly ship your maintenance free decking products to your address. ThruFlow™ decking materials come equipped with a twelve year warranty, letting you feel confident in your high quality decking materials.