Maintenance Free Decking for USA

Maintenance Free Decking for USA

The maintenance free decking available from ThruFlow™ gives your decking project unparalleled strength. With ThruFlow™, you get one of the highest quality alternatives to wood and Aluminum decking materials, with absolutely zero maintenance needed. Finally reliable maintenance free decking.

Secure Surfacing

ThruFlow™ gives you a secure non-slip surface and a simple assembly, allowing ThruFlow™ to catch the attention of American deck builders who require an easy maintenance free decking solution within the USA.

The maintenance free decking material from ThruFlow™ saves you time, cost, and energy during your decking replacement. ThruFlow™ decking is built to handle pressure from waves and storm surge, due to it’s advanced design.

Your Maintenance Free Decking Solution

ThruFlow™ provides decking panels that function in both saltwater and freshwater, making ThruFlow™ the maintenance free decking solution for the USA. ThruFlow™ decking is not only UV resistant, but it is also built to withstand any weather in the USA.

ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking is crafted from non microbial materials, ensuring there is no rot, leaching or insect growth while requiring no pre-treatment.

Easy Maintenance Free Decking Orders

ThruFlow™ decking is available anywhere in the USA, providing friendly staff who are ready to promptly ship your maintenance free decking directly to you. ThruFlow™ stands by all their maintenance free decking, offering a twelve year warranty, giving you trust in your high quality decking products.