Marina Decking for Louisiana

Marina Decking for Louisiana

ThruFlow™ has quickly become the number one marina decking product for Louisiana, giving marina builders and contractors an affordable and maintenance free marina decking choice.

Simple Grated Marina Decking Installation

ThruFlow™ has grown to become the number one marina decking supplier in Louisiana, as deck builders in the Louisiana area recognize the importance of ThruFlow™ marina decking’s secure non-slip surface and ease of assembly. ThruFlow™ marina decking remains the best selection over traditional wood or Aluminum decking, as ThruFlow™ marina decking is completely maintenance free, allowing you to say goodbye to regular decking issues, saving you time, money and energy.

Durable Marina Decking

Keep your marina decking looking fresh and clean year round with ThruFlow™, providing marina decking that is water resistant and offers complete UV resistance, allowing your marina decking to keep cool to the touch under the hot Louisiana sun.

The innovative design of ThruFlow™ marina decking repels damage from waves and storm surge, protecting your marina decking. ThruFlow™ is the ideal marina decking choice for areas with rough water.

With ThruFlow™ marina decking, you are protected from the usual deck issues such as insect growth or rot and ThruFlow™ marina decking allows for quick installation.

Marina Decking Purchased Online

ThruFlow™ marina decking can be purchased in a vast array of colors and sizes to match your marina application. ThruFlow™ marina decking specialists are available to quickly ship your marina decking to you in Louisiana. All ThruFlow™ marina decking materials come protected with an extensive twelve year warranty, covering your marina decking purchase from manufacturer defects and more for years to come.