Marine Flooring For New England

Marine Flooring For New England

With unparalleled durability and versatility, dock builders and contractors are choosing ThruFlow™ marine flooring as their top choice for marine flooring in New England. ThruFlow™ marine flooring is ideal for a multitude of applications, and provides a long lasting deck or dock surface. Designed to be storm resistant, ThruFlow™ marine flooring remains affordable and is available in many sizes and colors.

Favored Marine Flooring

For an advanced marine flooring, deck builders in New England choose ThruFlow™, the number one marine flooring supplier. ThruFlow™ marine flooring is the modern update to old fashioned wooden or Aluminum materials, as ThruFlow™ marine flooring is waterproof and provides a secure non-slip platform. Your ThruFlow™ marine flooring is also resistant to storms, keeping your New England deck or dock protected from damaging storm surge. Choose ThruFlow™ marine flooring for a maintenance free surface that never require staining.

Simplified Marine Flooring

Make your decking installation easy with ThruFlow™, providing a marine flooring that doesn’t require pre-treatment and is non microbial, ensuring you are guarded from insect growth, rot, leaching, and mildew.

Secure Marine Flooring

ThruFlow™ marine flooring is built to survive heavy storms by allowing water to pass through the grated design. ThruFlow™ also ensures your marine flooring is protected from the lifting effect from storm surge and waves, giving your deck or dock a long life. Your ThruFlow™ marine flooring is also UV and water resistant, keeping cool to the touch under the hot summer sun in New England while looking fresh and clean.

ThruFlow™ Marine Flooring Available Online

ThruFlow™ provides you with premium customer service, ensuring your marine flooring is quickly and expertly shipped to you in New England. With ThruFlow™ marine flooring, you get peace of mind when completing your decking installation, as all ThruFlow™ marine flooring is covered by a 12 year warranty against defects.