Marine Flooring For North Carolina

Marine Flooring For North Carolina

ThruFlow™ is your number one source for advanced marine flooring and is the first choice for deck builders and contractors in North Carolina. With ThruFlow™ marine flooring, you get durability that can’t be matched by other decking options, and ThruFlow™ marine flooring remains versatile, ideal for any number of applications. Choose from a wide variety of colors and sizes with ThruFlow™ marine flooring.

Marine Flooring Appreciation

ThruFlow™ has quickly grown to be the top marine flooring supplier in North Carolina. ThruFlow™ marine flooring offers a non-skid surface and simple assembly, making ThruFlow™ marine flooring the preferred choice of deck builders in Kansas. As the modern approach to outdated Aluminum or wood marine equivalents, ThruFlow™ marine flooring provides a safe and secure platform that requires absolutely no maintenance. With ThruFlow™ marine flooring, you never need to re-stain your deck, and ThruFlow™ marine flooring is completely waterproof and resistant to storm surge.

Maintenance Free Marine Flooring

Keeping your deck or dock safe from insect growth, rot, leaching, and mildew, ThruFlow™ marine flooring is non microbial, simplifying your installation as it never requires pre-treatment.

Sturdy Marine Flooring

ThruFlow™ marine flooring can stand up to heavy storms in North Carolina, providing an innovative grated design that allows water to pass through without causing damage. ThruFlow™ marine flooring keeps your deck or dock protected from the lifting effect of storm surge and waves. Enjoy a deck or dock that always keeps cool to the touch under the hot North Carolina sun, as ThruFlow™ marine flooring is UV and water resistant.

Purchase ThruFlow™ Marine Flooring Online

ThruFlow™ provides premium marine flooring and customer service, ensuring your marine flooring is quickly shipped to you in North Carolina. With ThruFlow™ marine flooring, you get peace of mind, with a 12 year warranty against defects. ThruFlow™ marine flooring is the advanced solution to your deck or dock installation.