Pier Decking for Canada

Pier Decking for Canada

ThruFlow™ is the perfect pier decking material product offering durability for decks, docks, marinas, piers and walkways. ThruFlow™ pier decking material is affordable yet extremely durable and is available in a number of sizes and colours to suit your needs.

A Grated Pier Decking Product

ThruFlow™ is one of the most popular pier decking materials that can be sourced in Canada, ThruFlow™’s non-slip surface simple assembly has made waves within the Canadian pier building industry who acknowledge ThruFlow™ pier decking material as the most suitable choice over Aluminium or wood based pier decking materials as ThruFlow™ is maintenance free, so you can expect to save both time and expense in re-staining and maintaining your pier.

Pier Decking with a difference

As a non microbial product, ThruFlow™ pier decking materials remove issues from rot, leaching, mildew and insects without the need for pre-treatment to help you enjoy modern and hassle free pier decking.

Weather Resistant Pier Decking Materials

ThruFlow™ is both freshwater, and saltwater proof offering full UV resistance to further ensure that your pier will stay clean and fresh even in the strongest Canadian weather conditions.

ThruFlow™’s design integrates an open decking system that removes potential damage from waves and storm surge which makes ThruFlow™ a maintenance free choice for environmentally sensitive areas.

Order Pier Decking Materials Online

The ThruFlow™ team pride themselves in customer service, pier decking materials can be dispatched to Canada and beyond in a timely fashion, all of our pier decking materials are covered by a 12 year warrantly against manufacturer defects so you can be sure that ThruFlow™ are built to stand the test of time.

If you are in need of quality Pier decking products, consider ThruFlow™ for your next pier decking project.